Friday, July 19, 2024

Scheduling and Pay Scale

1. Schedule conflicts are inevitable. If you have a schedule of your commitments for the soccer season please discuss this with your assignor. We will continue to work with you to give you your fair share of matches.

2. Please call back your assignor promptly. Remind brother(s) and/or sister(s) to relay messages to you from your assignor. Also remind your Mom and/or Dad about your assignments.

3. If you have been scheduled to referee match(es) and you have accepted the assignment, you must call your assignor if for any reason you cannot be at your match(es)–as soon as possible. It is very important that all matches have a referee. Be prepared to let your assignor know why you cannot fulfill the assignment you have already accepted. Persistent no-shows or late arrivals for your assignments will be subject to disciplinary action.

4. If you are asked to officiate a game because a referee did not show please be sure you have the appropriate license and that you call your assignor to receive credit for officiating that match. Only under an emergency will you be asked to referee a match that you may not be accustomed to officiate before.

5. We expect to call upon everyone to cover all the matches. If you have any concerns about the amount of matches you are getting or are uncomfortable refereeing certain age groups please let your assignor know. Two way communication will help us help you enjoy your job.

» Jim Henderson, Assignor, 972/393-2924 

Pay Scale
Referees will be paid via their ArbiterPay account. Please contact Jim Henderson, the referee assignor for more information on referee pay.

U5/U6 $14
U7/U8 $18
U9/U10 $22 (R) & $16 (AR)
U11/U12 $30 (R) & $21 (AR)
U13/U14 $36 (R) & $25 (AR)
U15/U16 $40 (R) & $27 (AR)
U17-U19 $55 (R) & $35 (AR)