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Committees Serving the Association

Appeals & Disciplinary Committee
All CYSA coaches, players, team managers, parents, team representatives and registered referees are bound by the rules and regulations of CYSA and NTSSA.

As required by the NTSSA, CYSA will form a standing Appeals & Disciplinary (“A & D”) Committee to preside over matters dealing with player, coach and assistant coach cautions and ejections and any written referee's report of misconduct by players, coaches, spectators and/or parents.

There will be a minimum of five committee members, who will be appointed by the CYSA Executive Vice President and approved by the Executive Board prior to the start of each season. Three members will constitute a quorum. The names of the A & D Committee will be furnished to the NTSSA.

The Committee oversees a 12-point system, as recorded by the Registrar. Offenses resulting in a caution of a player or coach will be allocated points according to severity (1-4). For example, dissent is a 4 point card, obstruction is a 3 point card, and ungentlemanly behavior is a 2 point card. Points are cumulated during the soccer year, Sept. 1 - August 31. Points from the fall season carry over to the spring season. Points will transfer within the year, if either a coach or player transfers teams.

Reports of disciplinary actions, except those resulting from incidents with unlicensed referees, will be sent to the State Appeals and Disciplinary Committee (“SADC”). All reports of actions resulting from incidents of referee assault and/or abuse will be forwarded to the SADC, regardless of licensing of the referee.

Upon the occurrence of disciplinary action, the referee is to prepare a written report. The written report is to be submitted to CYSA within 48 hours of the occurrence. The report will be forwarded to the A & D Chair, the VP of Officials is to be copied. The Chair may call a hearing depending on the nature of the offense. The Chair will assess the point value associated with the offense as directed by NTSSA. The report, with the assessed points noted on its face, is to be forwarded to the Registrar who will keep a data base on all point accumulations by individuals and by team. The A & D Chair will contact the player’s coach of the point assessment and suspension, if applicable within five days of the receipt of the report.

Upon notice by the Chair of the point assessment, a player or coach may request a hearing before a committee. The request should be by phone to the Soccer Office or to the Executive Vice President who will notify the A & D Chair. This hearing shall be held within 48 hours of the notice of the point assessment. The parties involved have the right to be present at the hearing. Failure to request a hearing is acceptance of the point assessment.

If a player or a coach receives two cautions and has not requested a hearing, the A & D Chair will call a mandatory meeting. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss the CYSA policy on behavior and the implications of multiple offenses. A coach or player whose conduct is not considered to be exemplary will be dealt with firmly both by the CYSA and NTSSA.

Upon accumulation of 12 caution points or more, a hearing will be held. The minimum sanctions will be as follows:

12 Accumulated Points -1 Game Suspension
18 Accumulated Points -2 Game Suspension
24 Accumulated Points -Suspension Pending Inquiry
1 Ejection -1 Game Suspension
2 Ejections -2 Game Suspension
3 Ejections - Suspension Pending Inquiry
Game suspensions will be served at the next game that the team plays, including tournaments.

These are minimum sanctions. Each case will be judged on its own circumstances. CYSA may enact more severe sanctions. The A & D Committee will inform NTSSA and SADC of the decision. Any appeal of CYSA’s A & D Committee decision is to be made to the CYSA Board.

The SADC will determine the extent of punishment, if any, above that of the A & D Committee. The decision will be made based entirely upon all written reports, including that of the affected coach, should he or she submit a report. Hearings will not be held by the SADC unless it, of its own volition, chooses to call one.

NTSSA has exclusive jurisdiction over the assault or abuse of officials, both referee and assistant referees. This jurisdiction includes:
All USSF registered referees

All non-licensed persons serving as a game official
Any coach, parent or assistant referee serving as a game official
Refer to the NTSSA R & R 3,11,7.

Coaches Committee
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Referee Committee
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