Friday, July 19, 2024

Game Day

****Coach ID Policy (effective 9/26/15) - All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must wear their official CYSA Coach ID card in plain sight (lanyards provided) to be allowed on team sideline.****

Coaches should be familiar with their specific age divisions rules and policies as governed by US Soccer, NTX Soccer and CYSA. Please read your division's Laws of the Game...
U5-U6 Laws
U7-U8 Laws
U9-U10 Laws

Before the Game

» If you are the home team be sure and provide a proper-sized (U5 through U8 - Size 3; U9 through U12 - Size 4; U13 & up - Size 5) regulation soccer ball* to the referee.

» If both teams have similar uniforms, the home team must wear pinnies or training bibs of a different color over their uniforms. These vests are available at the Concessions Stand.

» For U5-U6, Home team should occupy the bleachers on the north or east sidelines, visitors the south or west sides. For U7 and older, both home and visitors will occupy the same sideline, divided up by the mid-line and staying within the striped coaches box.

» If either team does not have enough to play by 10 minutes after kick off then the game is considered a forfeit. If the teams decide to stay and scrimmage, then that is their decision. Referees are not required to stay since a scrimmage is not a sanctioned game. Minimum number of players needed to start a game is as follows: 
U5/U6 - 3 per team 
U7/U8 - 3 per team 
U9/U10 - 5 per team 
U11-U13 - 6 per team
U13-U19- 7 per team
* Game ball provided by CYSA

Player Equipment
Each team should have distinguishable uniforms with numbers. The goalkeeper (U7 and above) must where a jersey that is distinguishable from both teams. Each player must wear shin guards, with socks covering them and tennis shoes or soft plastic molded cleats. No player may wear anything which is dangerous to another player (e.g., watches, jewelry, etc.). No jewelry of any kind may be worn during play [PDF]. Also no hats or head gear may be worn. Having this taken care of before the game will keep things going on schedule.

Coaches and Their Sidelines
The coach is responsible for his/her sidelines. He/she is to insure that all comments directed onto the field of play are to be positive and provide encouragement. No disrespectful or degrading comments are directed at any participant. This means, the referee, players on the other team, players on your own team, or even parents to their own children. All participants must treat each other with respect and dignity. Negative comments do NOT show respect for others or the spirit and laws of the game. Any concerns about the qualification or performance of a referee are to be directed to the CYSA and the VP of Game Officials. DO NOT share your comments with the referee, with parents, and NEVER in the presence of players.

Parents, coaches and spectators must remain at least 3 yards back from the touchline to avoid injury, allow for throw-ins and allow room for officials running the line.

Coaches are also responsible for the behavior of their spectators. During a game, any outbursts deemed unacceptable by the officials will be addressed to the coach. After games, please encourage your spectators and players to pick up after themselves, and leave the bleachers and coaches area as you found it, if not in better shape.

Coaching from the sidelines
Soccer is a unique free-flowing game with few stoppages; unlike most other games played in the United States, all decisions during the game are made by the players and the referee. Once the first whistle blows, there is very little a coach can do to affect the outcome of the game while it is being played. That is why half-time is so important. It is the coach’s only real chance to instruct the players. The CYSA wants coaches to realize that youth soccer is for the young players’ development and not for vicarious purposes. Coaches will not be allowed to walk along the touchline following the play constantly, talking or shouting to the players. Coaches must stay within the confines of the painted coach's box. This keeps the coach 2 ft off the sideline so that the AR's (Linesmen) can see the length of the touchline for out of bounds balls.

In all cases support the actions of the referee in providing a healthy, safe and positive environment for the players. There will be mistakes. Most of the referees the CYSA employs are from the ages of 11-16 years old. DO NOT let their decisions influence your behavior either to the referee or to the players and parents. Keep the game environment positive and constructive. Save your complaints for your commissioner or VP of Game Officials. If you have questions about the Laws of the Game please refer to Responsibilities of the Coach or on the Forms page for age-specific modified laws. Besides the standard greetings and ceremonies, never confront the referee on the field of play before, during, or after the game. Please make sure you shake his/her hand after the game and encourage your kids to do the same.