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The basic role of commissioner is to provide an easy line of communication for you as a parent or coach. The VP of Coaches and Commissioners will delegate duties to the Commissioners as he/she feels necessary.

Game schedules will be posted online (refer to the home page). All coaches and parents will be notified by email once the schedules are posted. Teams are expected to play the schedule provided, with the exception of conflicts due to CYSA scheduling errors. Only games canceled by the referee or CYSA will have a scheduled referee assigned to the make-up game.

Board Member
Commissioners are CYSA Board members and will represent your age-specific group at each board meeting - see age-specific group chart [PDF]. Any concerns, questions or issues needing to be addressed about the Association, your coach or parent on your child’s team, should be discussed first with your age-specific commissioner listed below.

Commissioners are expected to attend monthly meetings, pre-season Coaches meetings and monitor their age division games in person on opening weekend and at any tournament play (U9/10 only). Commissioners should report any issues to their appropriate age-division VP.



 Commissioners for Spring 2018 Season

U5 Girls/U5 Boys/U6 Girls- Katie Kane
U6 Boys- Miguel Riojas
U7 Girls- Roger Gambrell
U7 Boys- Mark Dempsey
U8 Boys- Arshad Hussain
U9 Girls- Shelly Lewis
U9 Boys- Chris Mobley
U10 Girls- Sharon Ford
U10 Boys- Chip Kugler
U11-U19 Girls and Boys- Matthew Boyle
Adult Co-Ed- Brandon Turman