Friday, July 19, 2024

US Soccer Mandates

US Soccer Mandates


Birth Year Registration Information

Due to US Soccer's new birth year mandate, all US Youth Soccer Players will now be categorized by their Birth Year. While this transition may seem daunting, we are going to keep it very simple for our teams. Please keep in mind, every association in the country is going through the same thing.

To keep it simple, ALL recreational teams are able to stay together. This is the default choice for everyone. This way, it is essentially a re-labeling of your team's classification. Your team is moving up two age divisions, but so are the other teams. For example, under this new system, U8 girls will become U10 girls. A U8 girls team is currently made up of birth years August '07 through July '08. Skipping the U9 division is a result of now being labled by the birth year of the teams OLDEST PLAYER, which is Aug.'07. While the old classification had the team categorized by the youngest player on the team, which was July '08,  the new system categorizes by the birth year of the oldest player on the team.

Because of the makeup of certain rosters, there will be some teams that will have players all from one birth year. Those teams will be placed according to their birth year. For example, if a current U8 girls team had only players born in '08, then that team would move into U9 in the fall. If a U8 team had only players born in '07, then that team would become U10 in the fall. Again, if they want to stay together and the birth years are a mix of '07 and '08, then the team has to move into U10 as that's the division of the team's oldest player.

New players coming in and current players choosing to return to the draft, WILL be placed according to their birth year. We will distribute these new players among the teams as evenly as possible.