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Coppell Cup


Intra Association Tournaments
Tournaments are a regular part of the NTSSA and CYSA soccer programs. At the end of each season, the CYSA offers friendly competition with a mini intra association tournament in the U7 - U10 age groups. The intra association tournament is designed for fun and is the first step in NTSSA-sanctioned tournament participation. Other association teams playing in interassociation tournaments have the same team selection process as the CYSA and require each player to play 50% of the time. The tournaments fall in line with the "low-key" competition as described in Recreational Soccer. There is no intra association tournament for older age groups.

CYSA does have specific Tournament Rules. To obtain a copy for your age group please visit the "Forms" page and download a PDF version. As part of your "coaches package" distributed at the bi-annual coaches meeting you should have received a copy. If you need additional copies please refer to the right sidebar on this page or for further questions e-mail us from our contact page.

North Texas State Soccer Tournament of Champions (TOC) - *U9 and older

At the conclusion of each fall season, CYSA sends teams to represent the association at the TOC. The qualifying process to attend TOC is as follows...

The team that finishes the REGULAR season in first place will have the opportunity to represent CYSA at the NTX Tournament of Champions.

"Regular Fall Season results are used to seed the CYSA End of Season Tournament (EOST).

Special note- If the winning team cannot attend the TOC for whatever reason, the second place team will be offered their spot at the TOC. If the second place team cannot attend the TOC, CYSA will not submit a team in that division to the TOC.

*As of Fall 2015, North Texas Soccer now accepts age pure divisions, meaning teams are eligible for TOC for each division beginning at U9 through U19.

NTSSA Member Association Tournaments

NTSSA member associations offer sanctioned tournaments throughout the year. The CYSA teams that want to play longer, keep in practice and continue building their skills have the option to participate in these tournament events.

The following are the procedures for registering your team in a tournament:

» 1. Visit the NTSSA site for calendar of events.
» 2. Request the registration material which should consist of an Entry Form, Medical Release Form, Guest Player Release Form (if guest players are allowed).
» 3. Obtain a Team Roster for the current playing season from the soccer office. It MUST be signed by the registrar of the CYSA. Present this at the tournament’s registration table.*
» 4. Have your Medical Release Forms filled out by a parent/guardian of all your participating players. These forms do not need to be notarized. Present this at the tournament’s registration table.
» 5. Follow the instructions on the Guest Player Release Form and fill out the Entry Form. If the tournament allows guest players, a properly completed and signed Guest Player Release Form must be forwarded to the tournament prior to the registration, unless specified differently on the Entry Form. Do not expect to add guest players at the registration table.
» 6. Don't forget about the deadline for entries.
» 7. Good luck!

* The tournament is required to turn in a copy of this roster as part of the post tournament report. Therefore have several copies (tournament may specify) available at registration.

Out of State Tournaments

If you are going to an out of state tournament, you must have Travel Authorization, Travel Roster, Travel Player Cards in addition to the above NTSSA requirements. You must have these approved through the North Texas State Soccer Office. For more information call NTSSA at 972/323-1323 or e-mail us from our contact page.