Friday, July 19, 2024

Game Day

1. Please review the CYSA Laws of Soccer for the particular age group you will be refereeing prior to your assignment. Always review your FIFA Laws of the Game and any memorandums which modify these laws.

2. Wear the proper uniform-please read right sidebar. Uniforms can be purchased locally at:
  » Soccer City (Lewisville) - (972) 420-6115   » Soccer Corner (Flower Mound) - (972) 355-8200

3. All referees must sign-in at the information table and pick-up 1 of the 4-part perforated evaluation cards per game. Put your name on the cards and fill out the remainder of the information. The top 2 portions are for you to evaluate the coach. The bottom 2 portions are to be given to each coach. You are responsible for turning in the coach evaluation portion of the card. It is the coaches responsibility to turn in the referee evaluation portions.

4. Please arrive at the field 20 minutes before kick-off if possible. Start your games on time. It is up to you to keep the games running as close to the schedule as possible.

5. If you have to administer a caution or ejection at a match please call or email the VP or your Assignor immediately after the game. Remember to fill out a NTSSA Misconduct Report. The report must be turned in at the referee table immediately after the game or you can fax it to the soccer office at 972/304-5116.

6. Turn in score cards to the area designated at the concession stands for U10 and above. You do not have to turn in scorecards for U9, U8, U7, U6 and U5.

7. If weather is inclement (extreme cold or persistent rain), or if it has rained a lot the night before a game, call the CYSA Hotline at 972/436-8648 to determine whether matches have been canceled. See our weather page for details. If you show up to a canceled game you will not get paid. If however, you are officiating a game and the Field Marshall suspends play due to the weather conditions, you will be paid in full for that game only. Most cancelled matches are rescheduled and your assignor will attempt to reassign you to the game you were originally intended to officiate (where possible). If you see lightning please abandon the game and seek shelter.

8. Games are played at Wagon Wheel Park and at Andy Brown Park West. Kick-offs are scheduled for approximately 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Weekday games are generally schedule for kick-off at 5:45 and 7:15.

9. If either team does not have enough to play by 10 minutes after kick off then the game is considered a forfeit. If the teams decide to stay and scrimmage then that is their decision. Referees are not required to stay since the scrimmage is not a sanctioned game. Minimum number of players needed to start a game is as follows: 
U5/U6 - 4 per team 
U7/U8 - 5 per team 
U9/U10 - 6 per team 
U11-U19 - 7 per team

10. If you encounter any bad experiences or difficulties during a match please either call your assignor, the soccer office or e-mail us from our contact page. We welcome your input so we can make this a fun job.

Related Information

Official Uniform

• The official jersey is gold with black pinstripes. Alternate jerseys are black with white pinstripes, red with black pinstripes and blue with black pinstripes.

• Shorts should be solid black of a soccer-style or referee-style cut and as few white markings as possible continue to be the appropriate wear. No basketball shorts!

• Black socks with three white stripes at the top and black shorts (as little white markings as possible) continue to be the appropriate wear.

Tips on Dress

• Remember, “Presences lends conviction”. Tuck in your jerseys, wear black shoes and display your patch proudly.

• No earrings, hats or basketball shorts please. Please avoid wearing warm-ups over your shorts and socks. Always wear the proper uniform under your warm-ups on cold days and let the Senior referee determine whether or not they are necessary.